RIP .... to blog awards!

Now this is a really serious message to all of my fellow bloggers out there .... please, please, please, no more awards. You can mention my blog, you can put me in your side column links, you can follow me, but I'm really serious, no more awards..... no, not for anything ... not for best blog, meme, youyou, usus or hehe, or should it be hee hee...??

I want you all to know that I do this blog because I LOVE gardens, I love visiting gardens and, because I am lucky enough to have a camera when I am out and about, an ability to point the lens at things that I like and take pictures.

The rest is history. Once I've put my eye behind the camera, downloaded the results on to my computer and then got on to "Blogger" and published, it's all down to technology. I'm really pleased that so many of you like the results. I'm deeply flattered that you want to pass awards on to me, but I actually feel that I'd rather read what you all write about so well.... rather than seeing you worry about passing on awards.

I'm sure that like most of you, I started blogging because I wanted to try something new, and then it sort of grew.... just like plants in the garden ... and then it grew again... need I say more?

I made lots of mistakes; I tried not to repeat those mistakes; I had a great passion for gardens and found that people wanted to read what I had to say and look at my photographs; but now I'd like all of you to enjoy those pictures and odd bits of text in between and leave comments...


  1. Good luck on us silly bloggers remembering this six months from now :)
    I appreciate your sentiment, and have only once given an award to blogs.
    You have a lovely blog which this armchair traveller and joyful gardener enjoys.
    Happy Thanksgiving from cool and sunny California to all my friends around the world.

  2. Tiggerlot~~ Duly noted. I am not a fan of awards either. It's extremely flattering to be chosen but I'm not good with the passing of the torch. Singling out blogs to call favorite is like asking me to use Roundup on my roses. NO CAN DO. They're all great. That's why I read them. Nice photo of you!

  3. Very well put, Lottie. I was sitting here trying to decide how to say what you have put so gently and well. Thank you.

  4. Charlotte ... Yes may they rest in peace... with all the best intentions ... truly meaning to honor... dearest colleagues. Whoever came up with these rewards anyway? Where do they originate. I concur and will let you know time and again how much I appreciate your work by commenting. You certainly are one of the best blogs out here. I am truly thankful for your brilliant efforts. That is a great photo!

  5. I fully agree with you Charlotte, i share the same feelings about blogging, etc. I also just don't register membership in groups because i might not be able to return the favor/comments they write on my posts. I love people commenting on them, looking at them, give advice, but it really is not possible for me to visit all of them, so i regret suggestions to be a member of some groups.

    Thank you very much Charlotte for leading me to Wisteria sp, i really appreciate it. More power to you, your foundation, and your life.

  6. I couldn't have written a better note than yours. Cheers :-D

  7. We blog. Because we like to write. And take photos. Of our gardens. Please can we all go back to that?

  8. Yes, I get awards and they just sit. I have enough to do just to get the blogging done. I don't want to go out and find people to send awards. Keep up the good work and have a great day.

  9. When I first saw a blog fully decorated with many awards and wondered what are these and now I realise how it works. It is due stress to select who & gets what. Then there are terms about these award which is too much of a demand.

    At the end of the day, there are choices to make - to accept or reject. To me personally, to receive an award from a fellow gardener is like receiving a compliment, like a fresh cut flower.
    Take them, thank them, and continue tend my garden. It takes a lot to compliment a gardener about their garden. Just for that, I honour that gardener for their sincere award - regardless whether its meme, usus or hehe.

  10. Wonderful post. I feel the same way. It is flattering to get an award, but I don't like the burden placed on me to pick and choose who should now get the award from me. I have made a little picture button on my side bar stating that my blog is award and tag free.

    Blogging should be fun, inspiring, and encouraging, not another burden put upon us in this over-burdened world.

    Enjoy your new found freedom in blog land.


  11. (chuckle)
    Well put
    Fabulous image to go with this post :)

  12. AMEN to that. I have been guilty and learnt from my mistakes. (But I still wonder what gives you all the ENERGY to gallop as you do ;) Enjoy India!) Jack

  13. Yes, I agree, it's rather odd. I mean, if you like someone else's blog, just leave them a flattering comment and be done with it.

    I usually just ignore the weird award stuff (though I do make an exception for Blotanical, where bloggers actually vote and you need quite a few votes to get an award).

  14. Charlotte...I feel exactly the same! Glad to read a post like this.

    Nice photo!

  15. I too would make an exception for the Blotanical awards - personally I felt very, very honoured when I won one. But individual awards drive me bonkers. I don't want to join in, but I fel guilty thinking that I might be offending the person who sent it, who could be in perfectly good faith (others I suspect are just trying to get publicity for their own blogs.) There's one on my comment moderation list right now that I've been agonising over for weeks. I don't want to join in, but I'll feel a rat if I delete it.
    I am always, always, very appreciative of comments left by people saying why they like my blog, and always visit back to my commenters (it often takes me a while, but I do get there. I do, frequently, join in with memes - but the ones I choose to join in with. I resent being pushed. So RIP to individual awards indeed.
    Great post Tiggerlot - I'm off to delete that comment now. But maybe I'll drop a line to the sender and direct them here first ...

  16. Awards can be fun....BUT the visits/comments tell you who really thinks well of you.
    Did it a few times and then I started seeing it as work NOT fun.

  17. Well said! I have something in my sidebar about the subject.

  18. Thank you for this! I LOVE it when people let me know that they enjoy my blog, but I don't think of it as much of a award/reward if there are strings attached.

    I have been sitting here trying to decide what to do about a couple of tags that I have gotten recently. I think your post here has sealed the deal on what I already feel - a thank you to them will have to suffice.

  19. I think memes and awards can be helpful to bloggers if they're having a hard time coming up with a topic for a post. But you always have great topics! Good luck shutting down the deluge :-)


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