See the best snowdrops in Britain - gardens where they bloom!

It's that time of year again and the snowdrops are beginning to rear their heads out of the frozen ground! There are many glorious gardens in Britain that open specially to show off their snowdrops and I've listed some of the main ones below.  February is the traditional month to view them in full bloom, but the highlighted link for each entry will give you further information on opening dates. Great British Gardens also has a comprehensive list of snowdrop gardens.

Benington Lordship, Herts. Open throughout February.
Chelsea Physic Garden, London. Located in Chelsea, the garden opens for just one week to show off its snowdrops.
Colesbourne Park, Glos. Colesbourne draws incredible crowds during galanthus season. This is one you cannot miss - snowdrops as far as the eye can see.
Snowdrops at East Lambrook Manor, Somerset
East Lambrook Manor, Somerset. Margery Fish's delightful cottage garden - always worth a visit, but draws snowdrop enthusiasts from all over the country in February.
Easton Lodge Gardens, Essex. Under restoration, but open for snowdrops this season.
Easton Walled Gardens, Lincs. Open throughout February.
Gatton Park, Surrey. Snowdrop week coincides with Half Term. Click link for details. 
Great Dixter, East Sussex. Open for occasional weekends this winter - not best known for its snowdrops, but always worth visiting.
Carpets of snowdrops at Welford Park in Berkshire - well worth travelling to see
Heale House Gardens, Wilts. This is a wonderful early season garden - riverside walks among the drifts of spring flowers.
Hodsock Priory, Nottinghamshire. Open until early March. Click link for details.
Painswick Rococo, Glos. Another for my wish list and close enough to Colesbourne (above) to combine the two.
Pine Lodge, Cornwall
Pinetum Park and Pine Lodge Gardens, Cornwall - fabulous snowdrop displays and an exceptional winter garden.
Polesden Lacey, Surrey
RHS Wisley, Surrey - many snowdrops in the Wild Garden, but don't forget the Butterfly Exhibition in the glass house
Rode Hall, Cheshire
Waterperry Gardens, Oxon - open throughout the year, but famous for snowdrop displays.
Welford Park, Berkshire - open until March, Wednesday-Sunday.
Snowdrops at Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire 


  1. An exultation of snowdrops, this is....perfect, Charlotte. Just the thing to start my morning.

  2. Spring must be coming! How lovely, Charlotte.

  3. Charlotte, So torturous to read about all these gardens to visit snowdrops and no way to get there--keep it up. I think the photo in the lower right of the collage is Leucojum vernum. You may have done that intentionally. Carolyn

  4. Those are sure perky little snowdrop pics! Beautiful!

  5. Always good to see the Snowdrops emerging. When the flowers open, probably a couple of weeks later up here, I always feel that this is the beginning of the gardening season.

  6. There's probably quite a few spectacular displays in Scotland too - so if you know of any, please let us know.

  7. Good Morning! Hoping to see you back today for
    Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo

  8. Thanks for the info. I'm going to follow up on your suggestion and visit the Chelsea Physic Garden in February.

  9. I have lived in the UK for 24 months now after many years in a sub-tropical country, and one of the most beautiful English sights is SPRING with its daffodils and blue bells!I missed that so much while away as it is a real enchantment! I visited Mottisfont twice in June to admire their extensive collection of roses! Stunning!
    I am more of an occasional gardener but love visiting beautiful gardens, so I have added you to my list of blogs to follow and shall enjoy it online...
    DeeBee :)

  10. Gorgeous to my eyes so tired of white ice and snow. Thank you Charlotte!

  11. Good luck with travels and kep sending great news! Lula

  12. Oh my goodness, those are so beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. Lovely. The snowdrops look like spots of unmelted snow in the forest.

  14. Fantastic! I love the view of the landscape with these graceful ballerinas bowing their elegant heads. Beautiful!

  15. Just gorgeous!! I believe we have Snowflakes here in the South..

  16. I would love to see some of those lovely white blooms right now. It might cheer up the brown, dullness of it all;-) Even snow would be better than 'blah'--which we might get lucky & see in the next few days. I have never planted snowdrops in my yard, and each year at this time I start asking myself why. It seems I'm always behind the 8-ball when it comes to ordering and planting bulbs. Glad to at least see photos of the beautiful sights;-)

  17. Lovely pictures! I want spring NOW!


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