Don't miss the snowdrops at Chelsea Physic Garden!

Just a hurried post between intercontinental flights for me today, but if you get the chance .... do go and see the snowdrops at Chelsea Physic Garden! I'd hoped to fit in many snowdrop displays on my brief visit to England, but the weather was grey, time ran out and I'm now en route to Rajasthan.
This is London's oldest Botanic Garden and it's open next weekend (12th and 13th February) for snowdrop viewings. There's quite a bit in bloom here, considering it's only early February - hellebores, iris, cyclamen and crocuses are all beginning to flower.
More from India when I get there!


  1. The snowdrops are such a pretty little flower, but I can not wait for your trip back to India. So exotic a place and I love to virtually travel along with you.

  2. Dear Charlotte, How wonderful that you managed to 'fit in' a new posting whilst preparing and beginning your trip to India! And what a perfect topic ... early spring in England. Those snowdrops lifted my spirits in my snow-covered world. Wishing you a safe journey! Look forward to hearing more of your adventures. P x

  3. Snow drops are a must at this time of year, wouldn’t be without them! As for the Chelsea Physic Garden, it’s one of those gardens I never tire of visiting...

  4. Dear Charlotte, don't think I will manage the visit to Chelsea Physic garden, although it sounds interesting. Enjoy your visit to India, and take some time off when there.

  5. Thanks for the reminder! It's in the diary and I'm really looking forward to my first proper garden visit of the year. But jealous of you visiting in India. Have a great trip!


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