Catch UK Tulip Festivals as quick as you can ... or you may be disappointed!

I've been talking about tulips for weeks and promising to feature them - so here we go! I finally got to see a real sea of tulips in East Sussex yesterday, and am posting pictures today with a clear message to readers - IF YOU WANT TO TIPTOE THROUGH THE TULIPS .. YOU'D BETTER DO IT FAST!
Sadly, I haven't had time to get to any of the venues I've posted here on the blog recently, but went instead to Pashley Manor in East Sussex to take these pictures. This is the 17th annual Tulip Festival at Pashley, but you must get there quickly to see these fantastic flowers in bloom. 
The strange weather conditions we've experienced all over the world this winter mean that many plants are flowering early (see my post last week on Tulips at the Palace) and if you wait until the official Festival, which starts on 27th April , you may be disappointed!
The timber framed house (top) is a magnificent backdrop for these tulips - some 22,000 bulbs, planted for the Festival. You'll find every colour here, but it's not just the individual flower heads that make this festival so special, it's the sheer volume of voluptuous blooms and the vistas across this unique garden.

For details of other English gardens holding Tulip Festivals this year, check their websites, but notable displays can be found at:
Abbey Gardens, Gloucestershire - mid-April to mid-May
Alnwick Garden, Northumberland - 30th April - 7th May
Chatsworth, Derbyshire - 6th - 10th May
Chenies Manor, Buckinghamshire - mid-April to mid-May

Dyhram Park, Gloucestershire - 1st - 30th April
Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall - 23rd April - 2nd May
Pashley Manor, East Sussex - 27th April - 8th May
Stourhead, Wiltshire - 25th April - 8th May
Waddesden Manor, Buckinghamshire - 16th April - 2nd May

I'm hoping to get to Polesden Lacey next week to see how the tulips are faring there, and, if I'm really lucky I might just get back to Waddesden Manor .... so watch this space. Happy Easter to all!


  1. WOW!! Now that would be worth travelling to the UK for :)

  2. Gorgeous! It's why tulips beckon to those of us who have to do ambitious tricks to get a few ephemeral blossoms. I decided last week that next fall I would try one more time to prove I can bring tulips to flower.

    Now I think I'll just plant lots and lots of the longer lasting poppies -- four kinds of Papaver. I'll visit tulips through the posts of bloggers who go where they thrive. Thank you for a delightful show.

  3. Your photos make my pulse quicken... so beautiful... L

  4. Happy Easter Charlotte!

    Wow to all your pictures. I too am hoping you get to visit more gardens. You know I visit vicariously through you. ;-P


  5. I adore tulips as well and they really work their charms in an English garden, thanks for venturing out to these delightful gardens and for the fine pics.


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