Royal tulips cause headaches at Buckingham Palace!

There's a problem at the Palace
And who knows what to do?
The plants are misbehaving
And royal staff are in a stew.

The regal band of tulips
That adorn the palace gates,
Have bloomed a little early
And are set to pass their best-bloom dates ...
Before the Royal Wedding, on April 29.

But in reality it's nature
Following her role
And a warmer Feb than usual
Has put the Palace in a hole!

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For details of English gardens holding Tulip Festivals this year, check their websites, but notable displays can be found at:

Abbey Gardens, Gloucestershire - mid-April to mid-May
Alnwick Garden, Northumberland - 30th April - 7th May
Chatsworth, Derbyshire - 6th - 10th May
Chenies Manor, Buckinghamshire - mid-April to mid-May
Dyhram Park, Gloucestershire - 1st - 30th April
Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall - 23rd April - 2nd May
Pashley Manor, East Sussex - 27th April - 8th May
Stourhead, Wiltshire - 25th April - 8th May
Waddesden Manor, Buckinghamshire - 16th April - 2nd May


  1. Love it, fantastic! What of earth will they do?

  2. Haha, perfect post since I just wrote one about the Royal Wedding myself. I bet they are all in an uproar lol :)

  3. Well, I guess they'll have to lop off their heads!

  4. Perhaps they should pour ice cubes on them!

  5. Cute little ditty. I am sure the palace will find some bloomers to plant for the big event.


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