Thursday taster ... Norfolk gardens

The Queen's Norfolk home - Sandringham - has a fantastic collection of trees
I've just returned from two days in Norfolk visiting gardens and I've got many lovely treats in store for readers in the next few weeks - from the gardens of Sandringham (above), where the Queen spends as much time as she can, to the amazing acreage at East Ruston, where I was really impressed by the Exotic Garden (below).
Norfolk has some really spectacular gardens. I've visited six this week and will be featuring most of them in the next fortnight. I was really wowed by Houghton Hall; spent many hours at Sandringham admiring the trees; fell in love with the moated gardens at Hindringham Hall, and enjoyed the variety at East Ruston Old Vicarage.
The Waterflame fountain at Houghton Hall in Norfolk
Blessed with good, autumnal weather and the special light that comes with the equinox, I've got many new gardens to share with readers in the next few weeks. The Water Flame at Houghton Hall (above) is particularly impressive, as are the lakes and vistas at Sandringham; but so too are the moated gardens at Hindringham Hall (below).


  1. I can imagine how beautiful the Queens gardens are. Thanks so much for sharing your photo's of beautiful gardens, i never tire of viewing them.

  2. The second picture down and the water flame - would never have guessed Norfolk could ever be this exotic!

  3. Such a tease.....Those moated gardens look beautiful - England epitomised!
    Can't wait for the full posting!

  4. Norfolk has such a wealth of beautiful private and public gardens. Looking forward to your posts!

  5. Great gardens, May 2013 we intend to go to England and this time it's Norfolk's turn. So, you give me lots of ideas. Thank you.

  6. I can't wait to read your posts. And I imagine your photographs will be simply amazing with Autumn's light. I will check back.


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