Floral Friday - spectacular spring bulb displays in Holland

Bulb fields around Keukenhof, Holland
Hyacinths as far as the eye can see at this time of year
The daffodils are nearly over, but the tulips are coming into bloom
Early morning eye candy at the heart of Holland's bulb country
Bulbs are one of Holland's main exports - April is the time to see them in full bloom
Early morning mist over the Dutch bulb fields
I've just returned from Holland, where I was lucky enough to visit Keukenhof and the bulb fields around Lisse - certainly one of the most spectacular sights I've seen yet in my travels. The daffodils (above) are coming to an end, but the hyacinths are now in bloom and the tulips are yet to come. Full report to follow.


  1. It looks spectacular and I can imagine the scent from the hyacinths must be as well!

  2. Beautiful! The only thing I've seen similar is sunflower fields. A field of anything in bloom is a lovely thing, isn't it?

  3. WOW, so many blooms. Beautiful. Jack

  4. Just beautiful...really LOVELY!

  5. Hard to believe it till you see it! Thanks - now I know these 'floral field' are real!

  6. Wow, Beautiful. Amazing colors!


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