RIP - My husband and "Galloping" soulmate - Vivian Foster Raven

Dear Friends and Followers,
Thank you all for reading my garden travels over the last eight years.
It is with very deep regret that I write today to tell you that my husband and "Galloping" soulmate, died on 18 October. His funeral was yesterday.
Those of you who know me personally; worked with me; and travelled to foreign places at my side, know that I have cared for him for the last 10 years and found great solace in my travels to beautiful gardens all over the world, since he became unable to join me a few years back.
I will never forget Vivian and nor will any of you who were lucky enough to meet him personally. He was a remarkable soul - brave and upright, despite his prolonged battle with Huntington's Disease.
But there is a God somewhere, because in the last few weeks of his life, I was sent a strange and difficult gift from a higher plane. I was travelling in Italy with Victoria Summerley and Marty Wingate, when I fell and shattered my heel. 
That accident prevented me from travelling on to a contract in Australia and, as a result, I was here with my husband at the end of his life.
Our "Galloping Gardener" travels were a wonderful way of dealing with his increasing ill health. Gardens are a great source of joy ... especially in the sunshine ... and we visited many gardens across the globe together during our marriage.
I hope to visit more gardens when I find the strength to do so and am released from the plaster cast that has already been part of my life for five weeks.
And I hope that for all of you who have followed me for the last eight years, you will find the great joy that I found with my beloved husband on our travels.
Gardens and green spaces are a wonderful tonic, whatever you face in life. Enjoy them whenever you can.
And thank you all for following me.
Charlotte aka The Galloping Gardener.


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    1. Thank you dear Janet and see you next year GBF Xx

  2. Dear, dear Charlotte ~ I am so sorry for your loss. No words can express how I feel for you. I lost my dear husband almost 4 years ago and I know just how you are feeling.

    Tuck those loving memories of your dear husband locked in your heart. They are healing and strengthening even in loss.

    You are so right about gardens and green spaces being a wonderful tonic for whatever we face in life. May you be soothed and refreshed. May your heel soon be well and out of the cast, so that you can visit many more beautiful places around the world.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you too dear Lorraine. I will always cherish those green spaces memories Xxx

  3. Sorry for your lost, Charlotte. I send you a warm hug. María José

  4. Love you lots. My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved. May he Rest In Peace. Please get well soon. ~~Dee

  5. Am sending you hugs a gazillion. Your heel will heal faster than the sorrow in your heart, but the good memories will last so much longer.

  6. So sorry to hear of this Charlotte. I am glad that you shall continue to spend time in gardens and green spaces though. They bring peace, solace, and understanding in such a profound way to us all, especially in difficult times. Please do take care of yourself.

  7. A lovely tribute, Charlotte and a testament to both Vivian and the positive power of gardens in our lives. Heal well (both mentally and physically) and I hope you can find your way into visiting gardens again soon.

  8. Dear Lottie, I hope your foot heals quickly, and your heart with it, although as you know, the hurt of losing someone we love never really heals completely. I loved your tribute, and I loved the picture of Vivian. I wish I had met him, because whenever you've talked about him to me, he sounded like such an amazing person, and I know how much you adored him. Lots of love, Vxxx

  9. So very sorry to hear of your loss.


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