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Javier Senosiain's spectacular Casa Organica, Mexico City

Mexico City has long been loved for its sense of green, so if you get the chance to visit after these troubled times of Covid-19, try to include Javier Senosiain's extraordinary Casa Organica (Organic House) at Naucalpan in the hills to the north of the city. You will never forget this property, designed in the shape of a shark (above) and surrounded by a garden filled with seasonal flowers. But it is the house that is truly remarkable - an undulating ferro-concrete construction with a labyrinth of rooms and inter-connecting carpeted passages that will return you to the womb.  Senosiain (1948) is an acclaimed Mexican architect, recognised as a key exponent of "organic" architecture (the harmonisation of humans and the environment). He completed The Organic House in 1984 and lived and worked here with his family for many years. At the time of writing he is a professor of architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the house was shown by one of h

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