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Top picks at RHS Hampton Court 2017

The exhibit that really caught my eye at this year's RHS Hampton Court Flower Show was "The Charleston Garden" (above) - one of three very different 'potted' landscapes exhibiting under the Great Gardens of the USA banner. Wonderful planting, a fountain that you cannot miss, and a sense of serenity that you'd expect to find in the deep south. The Kinetica conceptual garden, designed by John Warland is a striking display of colour and simple planting - a must-see if you're into primary colours! Watch out for some of the smaller displays at Hampton Court this year - I was particularly struck by the simplicity of the Freddie's Flowers stand (just around the corner from the Charleston garden) - displaying the glorious flowers you can have delivered to your front door. Watch out for those monster cabbages in the RHS Kitchen Garden - wonderful displays of organic edibles that you can certainly grow at home! "By the Sea", designed by James Collicot (se…