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The end of another year .... here's to welcoming in 2015 - and many more gardens to come!

2014 is nearly over and it’s been an interesting year, even though I’ve failed to keep abreast of many of the wonderful gardens I’ve visited. But my new year’s resolution is to start writing in earnest again and catch up on the huge number of astounding gardens around the world that I’ve been lucky enough to gallop through in the last 12 months – on the West Coast of the US, in France and especially here in the UK. As always, the year has gone too fast – a common complaint from those, like me, who are hurtling towards 60. Somehow the days disintegrate into weeks and before I know it, another month has gone by. Combine that with the fact I have an adored husband with Huntington’s Disease and a mother in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and the days go even faster. This was also the year that the terrible storms of last winter forced me out of my house and into rented accommodation because the damage was so severe.  But my love of gardens remains integral to my life and as in previous yea…

Thoughtful Thursday - Tea plantations in Assam