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Garden Memories of 2012 - A year of battling against the elements!

2012 was the year when we had our summer in March - a brief week of glorious sunshine, when temperatures hit record highs and our forecasters warned us about drought! But as the last day of the year dawns, I look out of my window to see yet another wet day, amid reports that this marks the end of the wettest year on record! But it's still been a good year for garden visiting and as I look back over the year, I remember some of the gardens I've visited where the sun did shine, albeit briefly. There are many notable gardens in my memory book this year including two in the Cotswolds - Rodmarton Manor (above) - one of the finest surviving examples of an Arts & Crafts garden and Upton Wold (below), where the owners have created sweeping meadows and a magnificent arboretum at their glorious honey-coloured home. I managed to travel further afield this year and visit two of Scotland's legendary gardens - the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, which opens to the public for just one a…

On the road in Rajasthan II - turbans galore!

Wherever you travel in Rajasthan, you encounter the most wonderful turbans. The way they are tied and the colours denote the region, although at the moment I can't tell you more than that! I've just arrived in Ranthambore and am going out on safari later, so fingers crossed that we'll see a tiger! More later.

Almost Wordless Wednesday - On the road in Rajasthan