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Magnificent magnolias for Mother's Day

We're all getting ready for Mother's Day - buying flowers, arranging lunch or an outing, but why not take your mother somewhere really special this Sunday? Choose a garden, walk around and admire the magnificent magnolias in bloom - they are really special flowers that will leave a lasting impression! And there are some fantastic gardens in the South-East of England that are easily accessible. High Beeches Gardens, south of London, have some of the best magnolias on display anywhere and offer the chance to take a woodland walk that takes in fantastic rhododendrons, swaying daffodils and views that will leave you astonished. Open from 13.00 this Sunday, specially for Mother's Day and it's well worth a visit. You'll find more magnificent magnolias and rhododendrons at Borde Hill, with the former in flower and the latter beginning to bloom (and so early this year, that the garden has opened a week ahead of schedule to enable visitors to truly enjoy the visual delights o…