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Glen Villa - Pat and Norman Webster's remarkable Quebec garden opens its doors for the first time on 4 August

For the first time this week, garden enthusiasts will get the chance to see the remarkable garden created by Pat and Norman Webster at their stunning Canadian home overlooking the water, when the gardens open at 10.00 on 4 August. I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview when visiting Quebec in June with my son and highly recommend going for the open day if you're anywhere within a couple of hours drive. We drove out from Montreal in no time at all and really enjoyed our day. Pat originates from West Virginia, but has spent the last 20 years creating the extraordinary garden around Glen Villa, near North Hatley in Quebec. She is already well-established as a popular garden personality who speaks all over Canada and the United States. But her garden at home is a personal tribute to her boundless energy and sparkling personality. She is a talented artist and has created many of the sculptures herself with the help of local artists and also invited other well-known sculptors to exhi…