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Les Jardins de Metis, Canada - putting the glory back into public gardens - with the 2016 International Garden Festival

Today is just a taster of what's to come because I'm lucky enough to be at Les Jardins de Metis in Quebec (also known as the Reford Gardens), exploring the gardens and the annual International Garden Festival that has really put the glory back into public gardens here in Canada. The Festival opened on 24 June and runs until 2 October this year. A fantastic location on the banks of the St Lawrence River, combined with the boundless energy of Alexander Reford, have turned these long-established gardens into an exciting destination for both gardeners and art lovers, who will definitely appreciate what they find here.
The gardens have been revitalised over the last two decades by Alexander Reford, great grandson of Elsie, who spent her life creating the traditional gardens here. Both the plantsman's paradise on offer and the celebrated Jardins des Metis/Reford Gardens International Garden Festival, which invites proposals from architects and those involved with landscapes throug…

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