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One for the Christmas Wishlist - The New English Garden

In the run up to Christmas, we’re all on the lookout for books to give to family and garden-loving friends. Tim Richardson’s latest offering – The New English Garden – with lavish photography by Andrew Lawson, is certainly one to consider. It features 25 contemporary gardens that have “been made or remade over the last decade” and while it is perhaps a bold project because it will date quite quickly, it’s certainly a lavish coffee table offering and a source of new ideas for gardens to visit.
That said, most of us will be hard pressed to visit some of the properties within, since they rarely open to the public. Plaz Metaxu, Tilbury Hall and Mount St John do not open their doors for the NGS and unless you’re lucky enough to find them on a private garden tour, you're unlikely to get to see them. But the joy of this book is that you can enjoy a vicarious look through Andrew Lawson’s eyes. 
The New English Garden features some surprises, given Richardson's explanation for his choice…