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RIP - My husband and "Galloping" soulmate - Vivian Foster Raven

Dear Friends and Followers, Thank you all for reading my garden travels over the last eight years. It is with very deep regret that I write today to tell you that my husband and "Galloping" soulmate, died on 18 October. His funeral was yesterday. Those of you who know me personally; worked with me; and travelled to foreign places at my side, know that I have cared for him for the last 10 years and found great solace in my travels to beautiful gardens all over the world, since he became unable to join me a few years back. I will never forget Vivian and nor will any of you who were lucky enough to meet him personally. He was a remarkable soul - brave and upright, despite his prolonged battle with Huntington's Disease. But there is a God somewhere, because in the last few weeks of his life, I was sent a strange and difficult gift from a higher plane. I was travelling in Italy with Victoria Summerley and Marty Wingate, when I fell and shattered my heel.  That accident prevented me…