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Oh to be in England ... 10 of the greatest spring and early summer gardens around the UK

There's nothing quite like an English garden in springtime, so in my first post for a long time, I'm highlighting some of the properties that are really worthwhile visiting before the end of May if you possibly can. Special emphasis is placed on properties that are members of the Historic Houses Association (HHA), because you will cover your membership (£50.00 per year) by visiting more than five properties in a year, so well worth joining if you're an avid garden visitor. The best show of tulips anywhere in the South East surely goes to Pashley Manor(above) in East Sussex, which holds an annual Tulip Festival in the spring. It has just started (24 April) and runs until 8 May, open from 10.00-17.00 daily. But although Pashley is a member of the HHA, you cannot use your membership during any special event, so you will have to pay the full £11.00 to get in, but it's well worth it for the spectacular displays of tulips on offer. Borde Hill in West Sussex is another notable …