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Win a week away in springtime and Discover Scottish Gardens©

Scotland has some of the best gardens in Britain and I've certainly had many pleasant surprises north of the border on my various visits as The Galloping Gardener©. Many of the gardens are now joining forces as part of a new initiative to promote themselves and work together under the banner "Discover Scottish Gardens", which has launched a new website with comprehensive information about its growing number of members.  Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of these gardens, including Attadale, Benmore, Crarae, Glenarn and Greenbank – even if I haven’t yet written them all up - and each one has been exceptional. But what is noticeable about all the gardens in the new group is that they offer year-round interest. With so many spectacular woodland settings, spring promises a heart-rending display of early colour at the beginning of the season. My most recent visit was to Attadale, on a fine day in August, where I was able to enjoy wonderful views across the ga…