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Where to see snowdrops in England this month

I wasn't planning to write about snowdrops, but the weather has been so grizzly in the last few weeks that I know readers will want to see what little is in flower if they can. I'm redirecting you to last's year's entry on SNOWDROPS.
Scotland has it's own Snowdrop Festival, so click on link for further details. Happy hunting!

Sussex burning!

It's not often you get to see a garden burning, but that's what I saw this week.... and here are some pictures showing what happened. On a freezing day here in Britain, a unique garden went up in flames! Acres of prairie plants burned to the ground in huge fires, swept by an icy East wind. But fear not, this is all part of the annual cycle at Sussex Prairies, which many of you have now read about or been to see in recent months .... and by next year, the garden will be back in bloom .... The "burning" is carefully orchestrated by owners Paul and Pauline McBride every winter, in preparation for the months to come. And by May, the garden will be open again for visitors to enjoy ... All part of the cycle of a prairie garden throughout the year ....