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World's largest Victorian glasshouse re-opens at Kew Gardens

Completion of a five-year restoration project, costing £41million, heralded the re-opening of the Temperate House at Kew Gardens at the beginning of May. Sir David Attenborough described it as a "breathtakingly beautiful space" and others have likened it to a 'botanical' cathedral in terms of its grandeur. But it's also an architectural masterpiece; an extraordinary engineering feat; a sight that shouldn't be missed; and an inspiring day-out.  The magnitude of the project is brought alive through the statistics published by Kew  - 10,000 plants uprooted and replanted; enough scaffolding to stretch the full length of the M25; awesome quantities of paint; 15,000 glass panes replaced; 69,000 sections of components repaired or replaced; and five-years of work. The Temperate House first opened in 1863, causing visitors to stare in amazement then, and was closed 150 years later for refurbishment. Onlookers are once again gazing in awe! It is both the light and spacio…

10 best spring gardens 2018 (2) - West Green House, Hampshire

It's been too many years since I last visited West Green House garden in Hampshire, but a quick sprint around the property in the sunshine this week was sufficient to remind me just how special this garden is, with its magnificent moongate (above) and exceptional walled garden. Click here to read more about it from a previous posting. All pictures here were taken on my visit this week.

West Green House is open daily until the end of October (except Mondays and Tuesdays) 11.00-16.30.  Admission is £8.00 for adults (National Trust members free).

10 best spring gardens 2018 (1) - Parham House, West Sussex

In a new series, highlighting seasonal gardens, I shall be posting pictures of some of the best gardens to see throughout the season. Parham House in West Sussex has exceptional walled gardens and extensive parkland, surrounding an Elizabethan house, which is also open to the public. Definitely one to visit if you can get there! And the nursery is exceptional.

Open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. House open 14.00-17.00. Garden open 12.00-17.00. Last admission 16.30. £11.00 for house and gardens; £9.00 for gardens; children free under 5 years. Historic Houses Association and RHS members can enjoy free entry to the gardens on standard open days.