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Winter treats - the best of British gardens in February

It's been a terrible winter here in the UK and less than a year after dire warnings of drought, most of us have difficulty remembering when we last saw a clear blue sky. As I went out and about in Sussex today, I was forced to drive through no less than three major floods on country roads, holding back to see how deep they were by watching the vehicle in front! It's a disaster for those hardy gardens that remain open throughout the winter months, and most garden visits are punctuated with wet feet and even wetter clothing in this weather, but that said here are some suggestions for February if you've got cabin fever as badly as I have ... Anglesey Abbey at Lode in Cambridgeshire remains open throughout the year and has a good winter garden, etched on my memory because of the wonderful white stemmed birches (above). And yes, before readers contact me, the photograph above was not taken in February, but March. I haven't visited yet this year because the weather is so awfu…

Sunday Sunshine ..... at last!!

The sun is shining for the first time in a month - gone for a walk in the park!

Wordless Wednesday - Winter Wonders at RHS Wisley

The annual Butterfly Exhibition has just opened at RHS Wisley - it's a wonderful day out for adults and children. Open daily from now until 24 February. Get there if you can!