Simply stunning "S" gardens!

Serre de la Madone, French home of Lawrence Johnstone, who also owned one of Britain's most visited gardens today - Hidcote Manor - is a far cry from his country house in Gloucestershire. It's a stunning property on the French Riviera, currently being restored, and one of a group of properties in the Menton area that every gardener should see once in their life, along with Val Rahmeh and Villa Ephrussi. A really lovely garden even though it has some way to go in terms of being returned to its former glory.
Snowshill Manor was home to a somewhat eccentric English architect - Charles Paget Wade -  who collected musical instruments and toys, which fill the house today and attract many visitors. But it's the garden I wanted to see and I'm glad I did. A Cotswold idyll, with stepped terraces and a Venetian-style well (above), plus glorious views over the surrounding countryside. Really easy to combine with the Stone House and Sudeley Castle (below) if you want to do several gardens in a day.
An ancient timber-framed property sits at the heart of Bramber, West Sussex - called St Mary's House and all too often overlooked by main gardening guides - this charming garden is being restored by the current owners and the help of a team of volunteers. Glorious roses and a series of garden rooms await you here, plus a splendid walled garden, complete with Victorian pineapple pits; a contemporary poetry garden and a new terracotta garden.
The garden at Stone House in Gloucestershire is a real find, if you've been trekking round the better-known properties in tourist season. This charming 2.5 acre garden is filled with interesting nooks and crannies, a rock garden and glorious borders. It's located in one of the prettiest Cotswold villages I've seen, with it's honey-coloured houses. Gustav Holst, who composed "The Planets", was once the organist in the local church. Worth making a detour for because it's such a personal and loved plot.
Sudeley Castle has a garden on a grand scale. The glorious Queen's Garden (above) is laid out in front of the ruined castle, and is just one of many different garden areas you'll see here. There's a Secret Garden designed by Rosemary Verey; a Cloister Garden which sits in the shadow of the ruined chapel; a wonderful rose garden and lots of open spaces for the kids if you're taking a day out in the countryside. Close enough to combine with Stone House, but this is a very different garden, so get the best of both worlds by combining the two. 
And in this round up of "S" gardens, no list would be complete without mention of Sussex Prairies - the magical world created by Paul and Pauline McBride, who are coming to Rajasthan with me next month to help on the Jardins sans Frontiers project. If you haven't already read about our plans, click on the JSF link to find out!


  1. Hej Charlotte
    Det er en fornøjelse at se dine smukke havefotos. De varmer helt ind i sjælen i denne kolde vintertid. Sådanne billeder formidler drømme, glæde og forventninger til en kommende havesæson. Tak for det.
    Venlig hilsen

  2. Some gardens I haven't visited here Charlotte - Sudeley and Stone House look lovely and I'll have to try to work them in to a trip. I found Snowshill a bit creepy inside but I agree about the garden. I love St.Mary's - especially the tea room! Have you ever visited Sezincote, near Snowshill and Mill Dene Garden? Well worth a visit, and it has a good website if you google it.

  3. I wanted to let you know your post was
    so beautiful that it is featured on
    WebGarden today. Our readers enjoy
    getting ideas and inspiration. I hope
    many will follow your blog after visiting.
    Thanks for sharing your gardening talents!
    ~Brooke (CreativeCountryMom)
    Here is the link to see your post....

  4. Beautiful 's' gardens but I would have loved to see inside the house at Snowshill Manor. The home is gorgeous from the exterior with those lovely borders. I was intrigued by what you described as his collectables. I am glad I clicked the link for the Stone House. That is a phenomenal property. I loved the home too.

  5. I enjoyed watching your photos!

    Happy New Year!

  6. How I would love to wander through those gardens... Thank you for the virtual tour!

  7. St Mary's House in West Sussex looks absolutely delightful. Also Sudeley Castle looks like a great place to spend a leisurely day.

  8. Stunning photos, gets my garden visiting mood on, which will involve much getting out I hope!

  9. Once again I will blame you when the credit card statements come...we've been contemplating a trip to Paris and the south of France. Your photos and past posts about Menton pushed me over the edge! Starting to plan another Europe garden trip!


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