Book Reviews

We have many British gardens and a huge selection of books about them. This is a selection of books that I have reviewed on The Galloping Gardener ©. To avoid any misunderstandings, readers should be clear that in most cases, the books have been review copies, provided by the publisher. However, I do not feature all books that I receive and, in cases where they are not suitable for the blog, review copies are returned to the publisher.

Remaking of a Garden: The Laskett Transformed - Sir Roy Strong's story about re-creating his Herefordshire garden after 30 years, with a faithful photographic record of the work carried out. 

Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds - a really good look through the gates of some of the most lovely gardens in this part of Britain, although only a few of them open to the public. But Victoria Summerley's well-written descriptions, together with Hugo Rittson-Thomas' photographs take us into 20 hidden gardens that most of us will never be lucky enough to see.

The Bad Tempered Gardener - a tempestuous read by Anne Wareham, who is well known for her opinions on gardens and gardeners. This is the story of the plot she has created with her husband, Charles Hawes, in Wales - Veddw.

The New English Garden - a lavishly illustrated guide to some of Britain's best gardens, written by Tim Richardson and with photographs by one of our best-known personalities - Andrew Lawson. This coffee-table book takes you to many landscapes you're unlikely to be able to access yourself.