Marvellous Marle

Marle Place near Tonbridge in Kent is one of my favourite English gardens because it's stunningly beautiful, very low key and full of surprises.  You don't get many clucking coach loads here and even if you were to be unlucky enough to arrive on a crowded day, there's plenty of space.  
It's actually a series of garden rooms and you feel as though you're walking through a storybook, where each garden space is like a painting - not surprising really since the lady behind it - Lindel Williams - is a talented painter and this reflects in her garden design. 

Right at the entrance, there's a charming water garden; then a cosy lawned area adjacent to the house and a meadow brimming with allium and iris; then the two pond areas where you can sit and reflect; and a wonderful arboretum walk, where you can admire the sculptures.  And if this isn't enough to whet your appetite, there's the kitchen garden and the orchid house. 

But what really strikes you about Marle Place is the absolute peace of the place.  You can wander quietly through the garden, find places to sit and reflect, or like me, marvel at the planting and wish that you'd done that at home.  

It's not just Lindel who is talented - her daughter also produces the most lovely wooden creations for the garden - seats, bird baths and sculptures.  I'm just about to buy one for my garden and when I do, I promise I'll post it on the blog!


  1. this is a beautiful place. How did you find my blog?

  2. Another beautiful garden. I know it's not the same as actually visiting, but your posts give me a vicarious look at gardens I am unlikely to visit - thank you!


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