Best of autumn colours ... Can you help??

It's almost official - just a few hours to go and then the clocks change and winter's here! I never could remember how the clocks worked until a helpful friend reminded me - they "spring" forward in spring, and "fall" behind in autumn, so now at least, I'll turn those dials the right way, even if it does signal the beginning of dark afternoons and the beginning of winter.

The colours have been fantastic this autumn, and I'm featuring pictures here showing some of the wonderful gardens I've seen in my travels. But perhaps you can help me...? I need to choose a cover for a project I'm working on and it will be chosen from the images below, so if you have the time or inclination, please let me know which picture you like best - they are all numbered. A comment naming your favourite, would be a great help - thanks!

1. Greenbank Garden, Scotland

2. Preston Park, Brighton, East Sussex

3. Pensthorpe, Norfolk

4. Savill Garden, Surrey

5. Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire

6. Crarae, Scotland

7. Sheffield Park, East Sussex


  1. Eek - why aren't my comments getting through. This is my 3rd attempt to post one that reads :

    Super, super photos. No way I could choose between them. I'd have to pull one out of a hat.

    ... but I think they're getting mangled :(

  2. Hi Charlotte, the pictures are all fabulous, but I love Number 1, Greenbank Garden. I want to walk down that path, checking to see if that is a little side path on the right and then arrive at the house, oh yes, I want to live there too!

  3. They are all beautiful shots. The order I would put them in from my favouirite to my least favourite as stand alone autumn images is 7 (classically stunning), 1, 4 (really like the colours), 5, 3, 2, 6.

    Hope that helps,

    RO :o)

  4. All are beautiful. I'd pick #7.

  5. I agree number 7, with the reflection it's like getting two photos in one! All are very nice though.

  6. I vote for #1, with #7 as a close second. Good luck making the decision. -Jean

  7. I think that they are all stunning. But I am partial to #7 with the amazing reflection.


  8. Absolutely wonderful photos, my pics are 7,1,5 (in that order). I showed them to hubby, and he picked 4,3.

  9. They are all so beautiful but I love the Sheffield Park, East Sussex #7.

  10. Gosh they are all lovely places perhaps number 1 is my favourite phot as the colours balance left to right does that sound silly.

    I have just tagged you for a Meme do pop over to my blog to have a look even if you don't like to do Meme's. I have linked to your lovely blog.

  11. Hi Charlotte,

    I think I would have to pick Sheffield Park. A nicely composed picture with a good degree of colour!

    Hope that helps!


  12. I choose 7, but that's because I'm biased and from Sheffield... :D

  13. The Sheffield Garden pic is fantastic, but they all are. here in the Niagara Region we are experience the same beauty as well. However the history in your pics just add to them.

  14. Hi Lottie, the decision was hard until I scrolled to number 7. WOW There are a few others that are nice, but #7 takes the cake in my book.

  15. Charlotte, all the pictures are fabulous but picture number 7 is stunning, I like it very much :)

  16. They are all gorgous!
    but for me nr 5 stands out
    the sun plays so beautiful with those leaves!

  17. They're all wonderful, but I like #1 and #7 the best. :)

  18. Fantastic pictures all the way around but 7 really stands out. -Jackie

  19. Hello,

    I like #3 because it does not have the typical fall foliage but has the striking flower heads and ornamental grasses and texture. I also wonder what is on down the path?

  20. These are beautiful autumn images.
    Visit me at my Garden blog

  21. Well, Tiggerlot, I thought, oh this will be easy. That first one looks fabulous! Then I scrolled down and thought, oh, man, these are all fabulous! To pick one? Are you kidding? LOL
    Now, I'm thinking either #2 or #7. I hope you'll let us know what you decide.

  22. Seven is magic. I like the backlighting in 5, but the composition - water, that beautiful crimson focal point, the orange tree that draws your eye next across the frame - make 7 my favorite.

  23. No 7 does it for me. they are all gorgeous but that one is just that bit special. Val

  24. I think when you put that photo at number one, you had already made your choice. It is inviting, appealing, satisfying. What more do you want?

  25. And I remember number 5, caught my attention, when you first posted it, so ...?

  26. I find number 4 most appealing... but any would do. All lovely! Carol

  27. Charlotte,

    First time visiting here! Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment!! These are the best fall photos I have seen this year. A calendar in the making if you ask me.

  28. I say all the pics are beautiful! Autumn is really a wonderful with leaves in red and orange tone. Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Oh, for a moment I was hopeful that I could sleep one hour longer (or stay up 1 hour later!) tonight, but in Canada, as in the US, we change our clocks on Nov 1 this year.

    Beautiful photos, each one is like a postcard. My favourites are: 7, 5, then 4.

  30. #3 Draws the eye in and gives the imagination a place to roam. It has good composition.
    #7 Also has strong composition and the red and orange work to draw the eye. The water is serene yet it carries mystery.

    Overall of course it really depends on what you are trying to convey and what mood you wish to set with the image. While all the photos are gorgeous in terms of composition 3&7 are the strongest. They draw the viewer in and give eye somewhere to travel which holds the attention longer.

    There's nothing like free advice is there? LOL

  31. They are beautiful, all of them! :)))
    My pick is 7.
    Wonderful colors!
    Great photo! :)

  32. Stunning pictures. We live in such a pretty country.

    I saw your post on the Roof Gardens website and came here directly.

    I love No. 1 - it reminds me of the woodland garden at 'Derry and Toms'. I've been there many times and each time I visit I see something different.

    If you're interested in their designer please visit my website

    He worked mainly in the home counties on his return from the USA and my quest is to try and find his 'lost' gardens.

  33. My choice would be for number 7-I love the reflections. ;-)


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