Needs must ... so thank you all!

Yes, you guessed - this is me, with camera in hand!

Yes I'm travelling, but still blogging, and wish to thank all three fellow Blotanists who gave me the HSA (Honest Scrap Award) - I have to say that I'm not too sure about these awards because although I'm honoured, I actually have very little to say about myself, so I'll concentrate on those who nominated me and those I'm passing the award on to.

First let me thank my fellow bloggers - in the order in which the award arrived - first to Jean with her delightful blog Jean's Garden, then to Drew of Baneberry Garden Blog and most recently to Jack of Sequoia Gardens. Please don't think I've ranked you, because you are all favourite Blotanists of mine and I always enjoy reading your posts.

Now comes the problem of passing this award on, because so many Blotanists deserve praise that it seems impossible to choose just seven and on that basis and having seen how many of you have already received the award, I'm going to pick the Blotanists who live in the country where I'm doing my charity work - India - because I'll be there in a couple of weeks time and it is, after all, my home from home.

So my nominations go to Sunita, The Urban Gardener; Kanak at Terra Farmer, who has, I know like me, been nominated several times; India Garden; Zindgi at Lost in Dreams, new Blotanists, Arati at Trees, Plants and More, Zazu at Zazu's Garden and Evergreen Tree. I did look at other blogs from India, but many haven't posted for months, which is why they didn't make it on to my list!

And so what about me .... this is the really hard part because, as I said earlier, there's not a lot to say. I'm just an ordinary person with a great family, lots of friends and a huge amount of energy. But my great love is India and I'm very committed to my hospital project because my friend and partner, Dr Deepak Babel, saved my husband's life last year when we were visiting India, and gave me strength and hope when my father was dying earlier this year.

I've had incredible support from family, friends and contacts since I started this project and it's a bit like planting a garden (yes, that's me planting a tree, below right). We've started at the beginning, with the motto, "sowing the seeds of change"; and little by little, that's happening. Every day sees a little bit of change as the building work progresses, and I shall be posting new pictures when I arrive on site in two weeks.

What I'd really like to do is lump all 10 things about me together and say that I'm motivated by hope; faith; energy; enthusiasm; love; growth; change; strength; truth; integrity and love; and if you've got this far on this post, please, please just support my foundation with your thoughts - sign up as a fan (on Facebook) or blog follower at the Raven Foundation and help me to "Sow the Seeds of Change". I genuinely believe that the more people who think about what we're doing, the more energy there'll be around the project - just like working on a garden.


  1. Hi Tiggerlot~~ You are definitely a high energy soul aren't you? The work you do for your foundation is wonderful. I am enjoying some of these India bloggers too.

  2. What a wonderful project that must give you much satisfaction. I would love to visit India someday....

  3. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself :)

    I always enjoy your blog very much!

  4. What a great post and I also believe in the power of awareness in the face of adversity.

  5. I am simply humbled by you. What an amazing woman you are. You seem so warm and generous of spirit. To me you seem very much like a tree in the garden. Strong sturdy of purpose and gently loving in your protection and comfort. Thank you for being all that you are. The world is a better place for it.

  6. This is a very spirit uplifting post - thanks. I will follow 'sowing the seeds of change'.

  7. It is nice to meet the face behind the posts :)

  8. Inspiring work in your orphanage. Much good luck with it. It was great to learn more about the face behind all these travels.

  9. Hello Friend,

    I too had been travelling, but unlike you I have been away from the blogging circuit for almost a month now. Btw, Thank you for nominating my Blog 'EVERGREEN TREE' @ new Blotanists category. I am honored. Will be around to visit your blog again. Till then hope you stay in India is pleasant n memorable. How much longer are you planning to stay in India? Will you be travelling to Uttar Pradesh as well?

    PS: Loved your snap of Planting a Tree....:):)

  10. Thank you for the mention, Charlotte!

    Love reading about all the work that you're doing in India. And great to see your photo! all the best...for the Raven Foundation!

  11. More positive energies will be going to you in this endeavor. A thought begun with love will definitely be getting lots of it. More power and all the best!



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