Sunny Sunday ... at last!

This post is to thank you for all your lovely comments and good wishes for my travels. And yes, today the sun is trying to shine, so I thought I'd share some of the sights from my morning walk today. The birds here are wonderful - pelicans (above) everywhere!

The flowers are beautiful too and such a delight after all the snow in England.

I can't believe how many types of hibiscus there are ... everywhere I look!

Beautiful grey herons too!

And the jewel in the crown here ... the roseate spoonbill.


  1. Oh, blissfully lovely! Isn't it wonderful what a little sunlight can do for our glad the sun remembered that Florida is the sunshine state and that ol Sol had better step up and deal!

  2. Great photos, love the pelican...really love it when they fly in formation. We have Great Blue Heron here but not the roseate spoonbill...a beauty!

  3. So glad you have a sunny day Lottie! What a glorious walk... beautiful birds shots! Enjoy! ;>) Carol

  4. I love all of the pictures, but that last one is amazing!

  5. It looks like summer. The roseate spoonbill photo is stunning, but the one above it of the gray heron standing in a reflected pool of pink is other worldly.

  6. the pictures are excellent. You must have a good camera there. I will still get acquianted with a new DSLR, as i only use Point and Shoot. I wish to get nice bird photos also in the future. thanks.

  7. Only God would make a pink bird. Stunning!

  8. Charlotte, your eye for beauty & skills with photography shine through in every post you share. It would be magical to see the roseate spoonbill on my deck...guess I'll just dream on;-) The gray heron on the sand, with the pink lighting on the sand is a spectacular shot! Glad you're enjoying Florida!


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