Weather here is worse than the UK!!

This post is for everyone who thinks that I'm galloping around in glorious Florida sunshine, because although it should be like the picture above, I'm actually shrouded in a thick flog, reminiscent of November in the UK, so I'm sitting at my desk planning my garden trips in the next few weeks and praying that the weather improves. What's more, the current weather patterns also made for a pretty bumpy transatlantic ride, so I was pretty pleased to put my feet back on the ground last night!!

I'm incredibly lucky to be within 10 miles of the wonderful gardens in Sarasota, including the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (all pictures on today's post are taken there on previous trips... when the sun was shining), and the gardens at Ca d'Zan, which I haven't reviewed yet, but will be doing when the weather improves, to see Mable Ringling's magnificent rose garden.

I'm really excited because Marie Selby is running some fantastic courses this winter, including several digital Photo Workshops (I've never been able to enhance my pictures, so this is going to be a first for me and I'm off there this afternoon to sign up), and some lectures on bromeliads and orchids - neither of which I know anything about.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather improves, and I'll keep you posted about my garden visits. The new Naples Botanical Garden is right at the top of my list for when the sun comes out next week and the Edison Gardens.

Thank you all for your good wishes from my last post and hope you'll continue to drop in here. And... if you haven't discovered it yet, there's my new blog:


  1. Charlotte, these blossoms are exquisite! Happy that your feet are on the ground. ;) Diana

  2. No doubt the weather will improve shortly. After all the cold, you certainly deserve a little warmth and sunshine. Very exciting about the photography course - and what a great place to take it. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos in the days ahead.

  3. Hi Charlotte, I am so glad you are here, safe and sound. The weather will improve, I am sure. It changes all the time. Glad too that you will be in the US for a long enough period to see things at their best. In my own garden, that is late April, when the deciduous Azaleas are in bloom. My favorite time in the garden. Lucky you with those luscious orchids! Looking forward to meeting up with you! :-)

  4. Sorry the weather is not cooperating Charlotte. Hopefully it will improve soon for you to enjoy your garden tours. I love your first photo ... something so wild and mysterious about the place. Magnificent tree trunk seen through the gazebo. Beautiful orchid shots too. What a great class it sounds like you will be taking! Lucky Lucky you! ;>) Carol P. S. I do love your new blog! I do not know how you keep up with it all ... with your feet so often off the ground. LOL!

  5. I'll have to make a trip to those botanical gardens one day :D My in-laws live in Florida, although they're on the Atlantic side. My husband has always wanted to visit the gulf side though.

  6. Charlotte, Welcome to the US. We're having glorious sunshine and blue skies in Maine right now -- but good for skiing, not gardening. It may be the same storm system that is bringing fog to Florida right now that is supposed to bring us a day of soaking rain (on top of a couple of feet of snow - not fun) on Monday. -Jean

  7. Sorry you had a bumpy ride. It's beautiful here in Texas today, but the storm system that has you shrouded in fog is supposed to be clouding us up this weekend and giving us rain on Wedneday and Thursday. Funny how I'm much more attuned to the weather reports now I'm gardening and blogging.

  8. Awww, I'm sorry the weather is still cranky. Here's hoping it clears up soon. I envy you getting to see all those bromeliads and orchids (and fresh orange juice, too.)

  9. So sorry you arrived in the midst of this dreadful (and uncharacteristic) cold! If you find yourself in central Florida, the Bok Tower Garden is a wonderful little side trip....and a wonderful diversion from the commercial mania of central Florida!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful exotic blooms but the snowdrop in your header wins my heart.

  11. Everything that you are shooting looks wonderful, love those orchids.


  12. Hi Charlotte.
    Welcome back to the Sunshine State. I have enjoyed your pictures from around the world and look forward to some from Florida. A lot of the plants here took a hit from the arctic freeze that hit earlier this month but most are slowly coming back around.

  13. Beautiful blooms Charlotte. I can't wait to see enhanced photos! The photos you share now are wonderful.
    The weather has been pretty ugly all us time to dream of spring.

  14. Hi what a treat a photo workshop and lecture I do hope you enjoy them both.

    I hope it warms up too my step son and family were in Florida a couple of weeks ago and were surprised how cold it was.

    I am finally beginning to catch up with blogging friends.

  15. Hi Charlotte - I would love to go on a photo workshop like that - you take great photos btw

    Rosie :)

  16. Photos fantastic before any workshop!

    Hope trip goes well.

    Best Wishes

    Robert Webber


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