In heaven - magical Monday!

There's no doubt about it - I've gone to heaven!!! The gardens here in California are just fabulous and I thought I'd give you a sneak preview, because I haven't got time to write them up yet. Yesterday, I went to Hakone Garden (above) in Saratoga, a beautiful Japanese gem.

Then I went on to the Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto (above), which is filled with wonderful flowers ... and it's free!

And then there's Filoli, just south of San Francisco (above)... which left me speechless! I'll be reviewing them all when I get my head above this fog in the bay area, but in the mean time, I need to some sightseeing here, so thought I'd just give you a taster!


  1. Looking forward to it, Charlotte. You really do get around! I guess I haven't stopped by since you were in Florida. Only 'slightly' envious here;-0

  2. Dear Charlotte, This does, indeed, all look wonderfully tempting. I shall look forward to your reviews.

  3. Yummy! Are you coming to Oregon as well?

  4. As a California native, I cannot wait to see the pictures from your California garden adventures.

  5. What a nice teaser you have given us. I'm looking forward to your reviews. My husband is originally from the Bay Area, so it will be nice to see gardens from that area that we might visit when we go back to visit his family.

  6. I will be awaiting updates as well!

  7. I'm also in line to see the pics! :)


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