The Wave Garden overlooking the Bay

Today I visited a such a special garden that I wanted to post it straight away. I found out about it from one of my favourite garden sites: Garden Visit and had a really strong urge to discover more, even though there are no references save the Garden Visit link anywhere on the web. So armed with a GPS system and a vague address, I set out to search for it.
Several steep hills and wrong turns later, I finally emerged below what appeared to be a garden built into the hillside and walked up some steps to find myself in one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen - it was like a fairy tale, with magnificent views over the Bay (above); fabulous planting; and sweeping paths and railings throughout.
There was nothing to say who owned it, or who had designed it, although I know from Garden Visit that the designer was Victor Amador and you can see his photographs on their site. All the plants are labelled and there were some there that I've never seen anywhere else, but not a word about why the garden's there or who owns it. But the whole plot is built into a steep hillside and has wonderful winding walkways like the one above.
I felt as though I was trespassing, but there were no signs saying "Keep Out"; no notices about guard dogs; and no railings or gates to deter you, so I'm afraid I wandered in and enjoyed myself in this little piece of paradise. Nobody came and shouted at me and when a neighbour finally appeared I was able to ask them more about this magical place.
The story they told me was a sad one and until I can verify it, I'm not going to repeat it here, so please, please, if anybody finds out more about this beautiful garden, do let me know. In all honesty, I don't even know if The Wave Garden is its name, but it seems so appropriate, I'm going to borrow it from the Garden Visit editorial.


  1. Wow...Enjoyed the garden tour. Just curious to know the location of the wave garden. Wish If I could visit the place.

  2. Magic Garden !

    Intrigued to find out more.

    Best Wishes

    Robert Webber

  3. What a site to see! The garden and the view are wonderful.

  4. That look like a pretty cool place. A great garden with a sad story; it's certainly nothing if not fascinating!

  5. Very interesting shape, flows very nicely with the landscape. :)

  6. The curving walkways really add something to the garden, I think, as well as the sculptures. I hope the sad story doesn't mean that it won't be maintained.

  7. Thanks for profiling this amazing garden. I'm back and forth to SF all the time and had never heard of it, so will stop by this year.

  8. Now you have me hooked. The art and plantings were wonderful AND there is a sad story to go with it. Hope you'll post a bit more about it....

    Christine in Alaska

  9. The fact that it was somewhat hidden, makes it that much more special. I look forward to hearing the story, although a sad one...

  10. Looks lovely indeed, love the sculptures.

  11. I think it's the same garden in this YouTube video taken from a news show:, but maybe the sad story comes after it was finished.


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