Wordless Wednesday - The Kampong

Yes, it's Wordless Wednesday and I'm just going to post pictures of the wonderful plants I saw today at The Kampong here in Miami .... I'll be doing a full review tomorrow .... it's a really magical garden! I also visited the Fairchild Botanical Garden .... so watch this space.

.... lilies on the pond ....

... fruit in the trees ....

... I don't know what this is ... but please tell me if you know ....

.... fallen flower from the Red Silk Tree ....

..... banana plant ....

.... cactus flower ....

..... euphorbia .....


  1. I love the flower from the red silk tree! :D

  2. Beautiful photos! I was in Miami about four days ago and the weather was so nice!

  3. Beautiful pictures, I look forward to the review. :)

  4. I'm thinking the "ball" on the tree is a gall of some kind. Oak trees are notorious for having these but apparently many plants do. It comes from some kind of bug but don't quote me on that. The ole memory ain't what it used to be. The Euphorbia flower is just dazzling.

  5. It looks....warm! Oh, how I miss the warmth right now :) Gorgeous, bright blooms!

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely... and it almost looks like summer to me =)

  7. It is evident that this is a very beautiful garden from your photos. I look forward to your future post. What is the last flower? It is so pretty.

  8. Don't know if the last comment went through, but is that last pink flower a Clethra? It sure looks like one.


  9. Lovely images. On the third photo - it's a belly button of the tree!

  10. Beautiful images! Curious about the name Kampong, any connection with Malaysia?


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