Almost wordless Wednesday ... a taste of what's to come!

Misarden Park, Glos
Just returned from three days of touring wonderful gardens, and wanted to post some pictures to show you what's to come ....
Snowshill Manor, Glos
Glorious weather here in England and the gardens are looking magnificent ..... I've been to Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Buckinghamshire .... 
Cerney House, Glos
Sun's been shining all the way ... and I'll be sharing all the best gardens with you ...
Ascott, Bucks
Sixteen magnificent gardens in three days ..... so watch this space!
Kiftsgate Court, Glos


  1. I think I can see lots of lavendar bushes ina the first picture. I wonder why the current places you are visiting now have the ending 'shire', doesn't the word has a special meaning?

  2. Can I just say "Wow" and thanks again.

  3. A year late, sorry, but I found this post very useful indeed!



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