What to do when it rains .... can I have your feedback?

No garden visits this week because the rain hasn't stopped, so I've been at home editing photographs and organising my garden reviews so that I can eventually offer you full information on what to see and when's best to go in my Galloping Gardener Directory. I know that some of you use it when planning garden visits and I'd really appreciate your input on what you want to see there, so now's your chance to let me know what you need to know to get the most out of a directory!
All photographs today are taken before, during or after rain and were taken at different times at year in gardens around the world. The only common theme is rain or damp, or sunlight before or after a rainstorm, but it goes to show that even wet or changeable weather makes interesting pictures!
But back to what you'd like to see in a comprehensive (and growing) Garden Directory - is it special features; best time of year to visit; proximity to other gardens; what plants you'll see there; or just general descriptions that interest you? Do the pictures make a difference ... and for those of you who've used the guide, did the garden live up to your expectations?
I also appreciate that many of the gardens on the list are currently in the southern part of England, but the reason for this is simple - it's where I'm based, and it's not that easy for me to spend days away from home visiting gardens further afield. I plan to cover new areas each year, when the weather is good, and this year I managed to get to Gloucestershire and see some of the great Cotswold gardens. 
Information on opening times is more difficult, since many gardens change their opening days and times with little notice. That's why I often put a link straight to the garden in question, so you can check for yourself before visiting. However, when two great gardens are close together like Hidcote and Kiftsgate in Gloucestershire, I do flag up opening days wherever possible. 
So please let me know what would be helpful for you in terms of reviews - what you'd like to see and what persuades you whether to visit a garden that you've read about.  And on that note, I'll leave you because the sun is coming out for the first time in over a week .... so perhaps I will get to review some new gardens over the weekend.


  1. when it rains (and frankly it needs to here in southern Minnesota) I hit the internet to enjoy my favorite garden blogs!!!!

  2. When it rains, I will a breather from the chores of watering... and wait for the rain lilies to bloom. ~bangchik

  3. So this is where all our rain has gone. I simply enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your narratives. I doubt I will ever get to England and all the other places you travel. Thank you so much for posting. It is delightful.

  4. From what my dad in England was telling me, his garden was needing some rain, so I hope he's getting some as well as you. I already think you do a great job with your garden reviews. I've added many to my list of places I'd like to visit when I get home to England and my dad visits your blog too :-)

  5. When it drizzles, I continue gardening. If it pours, I go through my photos and feel thankful that I need not water the plants for the day.

  6. Oh! I forgot to mention that I love all your photos in this post. They are stunning!!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos! Even though the chance of visiting the lovely gardens you speak about is very small, I would say that I would love to know
    - what time of year is the best time for a visit
    - what other gardens are nearby
    - 'must-see' corners of the garden
    - general description
    - and photos!!

  8. It seems that greatest interest comes from people abroad who'd like to see a few daily photos of English gardens.

    Personally, if I lived in your part of the world, I might like to visit perhaps 3 or 4 gardens during the course of the Summer. So I'd like to know, for example - which is the most interesting garden to visit in Dorset, right now.

    I think the timing issue is relevant too. In the Midlands there are some gardens which really have to be visited in late June/early July, or they are 'past it'. So, which gardens are really worth seeing when it's off season, and wet.

  9. Thank you for your comments ... please keep them coming as it helps me make a really useful directory! :-) GG

  10. Charlotte -- nothing pulls me in faster than a compelling photo, but then I am a visual 'learner'. I connect to anything immediately if I have a visual image, then I refer to the text.

  11. Great photos. I have not been to Loseley. Mainly because there are too many National Trust places to keep me going. You have some lovely photos.

  12. Absolutely loved these macro shots Charlotte. Stunning and beautifully captured indeed.


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