Silent Saturday - snow break!

Sky before the snow ...
During the storm

After .... but there's more on the way!
And this is nothing ... we live in Brighton, on the South Coast. But the rest of the country is in shutdown mode with people stranded at airports and on roads. It's snowing again, so more later ...


  1. Your photos show real beauty. I admire snow photos since it doesn't snow where I live. Now the weather in Great Britain and in the USA sounds like global cooling :)

  2. That first shot is really amazing!

  3. it is pretty as long as I don't have to travel in it...over 6 feet so far this Dec here in central NY and we haven't hit winter yet....stay warm

  4. Hi,

    Lovely photos, very nice indeed.

    Thankfully we have been forgotten this time, but shhhh, I don't want it to hear me!

  5. Lovely photographs! And, I get to enjoy the snow from the warmth of my home. I hope you stay warm and don't have to go out and maneuver your way around in all that snow.

  6. I especially liked the first and last photos. Stay safe and warm.

  7. Amazing photos Charlotte, especially the first one.


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