Wordless Wednesday - Look beyond and you will see ...

Monastery of St Bernard de Clairvaux, Florida

Gravetye Manor, East Sussex UK

Edison + Ford Winter Estates, Florida

West Green House Garden,  Hampshire UK
Click on the captions to learn more about these gardens. Happy Wednesday!


  1. A moon gate. There is no way to tuck that into an ordinary garden.

  2. Great vistas like this inspire me to make some "doorways" in my own garden. Lovely pictures.

  3. That is handsome the way each view is framed, and I would enjoy visiting each of these gardens in person.

  4. Very lovely views and vistas. The grand gates make the walks and passage so worthwhile. A beautiful gate begs to see what is beyond. But the gateway to the dock has its own kind of subtle grandeur. Your images are beautiful as always.

  5. Dear Charlotte, What a clever posting, with links back to previous posts! And you chose to feature again Gravetye Manor, East Sussex, which is a favorite of mine. Lovely, P. x

  6. The doorways/gates do really make a great frame and invitation to explore. We can learn so much from the great gardens you show us.


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