So many gardens, so little time!

Holker Hall, Cumbria
I'm currently up in Yorkshire, visiting gardens in the area. I've completely fallen in love with the landscape, the hotel where I'm staying and many of the gardens that I've visited in the last 48 hours! So just a taster post today, because I'll be writing up all the gardens individually in the next couple of weeks.
Levens Hall, Cumbria
The range of gardens on offer here is really quite amazing, from what is arguably the world's best topiary garden - Levens Hall (above); castles, like Sizbergh (below); rock gardens in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales and fantastic private gardens like Austwick Hall, which is also a hotel.
The garden at Sizbergh Castle
The weather is erratic - ranging from bright sunshine to hail showers, where the hailstones are akin to golf balls! The food is wonderful. The views are magnificent. I'll be writing full reviews when I have time to sit down later in the week. 
View through the Moongate at Austwick Hall


  1. What topiary! I'd like to see that.


  2. Eeh by gum! Haven't visited any of these - looking forward to your reviews.

  3. wow..can't wait to see more...the title seems to match how I feel these days


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