Small is beautiful in Seaford, Sussex

I saw a garden today that warmed my heart! It was tiny... immaculately presented and open for charity, but so filled with love and creative spirit that I'll never forget it! Driftwood in Seaford is the brainchild of Geoff Stonebanks and even though it's only a tiny plot, it's worth making the effort to see on any one of the open days scheduled for July, August and September.
Driftwood was open today for Garden Gadabout, but also opens for Seaford in Bloom (17th July) and the Artwave Festival (end of August/early September). We're talking about a plot that's on a steep gradient and very close to the sea, but Geoff has worked wonders here ... so do go and visit if you can! 


  1. How nice to celebrate something not as grand as grand.


  2. It looks as thought there is some interesting art work in his garden. What was that in the far right corner of the last photo. Looks like something that might fit in with a Texas garden!

  3. There was an exhibition of sculptures both wooden and mosaic in the garden and it was one of the wooden ons called Black Stipa, thanks for the compliment on the work done in the garden! Geoff

  4. This is indeed a wonderful garden. I love the sculptures and yard art they have incorporated into the garden...wonderful!

  5. Thanks for sharing a great example of a great garden on a smaller scale. Sometimes the large gardens seem so overwhelming -- although I tend to think of them as divided into "rooms" to help me process all the wonderful ideas and designs.

  6. thanks for the compliments Sage Butterfly and Plantpostings much appreciated!


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