Mellow yellows - is Autumn coming early this year?

It seems that autumn is already in the air here in England and it's not even the end of August! Hope that all our East coast US friends have survived Hurricane Irene. We've certainly had the backlash recently in England with all the rain and winds. Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday - I'm planning a few garden visits over the weekend and next week if the sun stays out, even if there is a chill in the air.


  1. Your picture of the Kniphofia is an absolute cracker and the Helenium isnt half bad either !
    Wh8ich variety of K is it...Bees Surprise or something ?
    best A

  2. Such happy photos. . .beautiful colour!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hello Charlotte, Autumn has been in the air far too often the whole Summer up north. We can only thank our blessings that we don't have to contend with hurricanes, very frightening. Enjoy your garden visits.

  4. Autumn is certainly coming early in my garden too - yellow and red leaves, lots of fruit on the rowan and hips on the roses - but I could do with some gorgeous yellow flowers like those to brighten things up even more!

  5. Irene is blowing around my garden as I type. At least I won't have to water for a while! Except for the temps dropping a bit, no signs of fall here yet. I love the yellow dahlia! I never get tired of yellow flowers.

  6. Charlotte, I am very partial to the yellows of August, and the flowers you have featured here have a wonderful sense of being lit from within. (I'm on the very outer fringes of hurricane Irene in Gettysburg, but I just looked up to realize that it has begun to rain.) -Jean

  7. So wonderful floweras in late summer - or early autumn? Here in the south of Sweden it´s been raining for severals weeks now and it feels like the autumn has arrived and it´s too early for sure.

    Anna Vattenkanna

  8. Dear Charlotte, Autumn seems to be coming early to Pennsylvania. Walnut tree leaves are turning yellow and falling in August! Now, with Irene, trees are also falling -- literally -- a branch just fell off the catalpa tree. Hope that's the worst of the damage here. Your yellow bloom pics are amazing. P. x


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