Almost Wordless Wednesday - Nek Chand's garden people

This is my third posting on Nek Chand's amazing Rock Garden in Chandigarh, and I make no apologies for giving this remarkable man so much coverage here on my blog! I've been trying to visit this garden for the last five years and shall definitely return next time I'm in India, because I know that no number of visits would ever reveal all the secrets of this extraordinary place. 
It's not just about the architecture, or the remarkable story of how this garden was developed, it's Nek Chand's incredible figures that make this place so unique. This is a magical kingdom, filled with thousands of people created from household waste products - an insight into how their creator sees the world. 
At every turn another figure will catch your eye - be it a soldier, dancer or mini warrior, staring out at you. There are thousands of animals too - monkeys, tigers, dancing bears, camels and elephants. And it's quite extraordinary to think that Nek Chand spent twenty years working alone in this garden creating all these figures before his work was discovered.
Visitors come from all over the world to visit the Rock Garden. And for me it's one of the great garden wonders of the world - certainly the most unusual site I've yet visited.

You can see more pictures of this amazing garden by clicking on the links below:


  1. Fantastic!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this Rock Garden-never heard of it before! Agree, this is one of The great Garden Wonders of the world, no doubt.
    Unbelivebal its made by one man..and a secret for 20 years!
    Tone in Norway

  2. Amazing..
    Really - it takes a lot to work at it for 20 years all alone.
    That is really a passion.

  3. Charlotte, They're wonderful!! Thanks so much for introducing me to them. -Jean

  4. Reminds me of Gaudi's Park Guell gardens in Barcelona. I don't like all of it but I can see the fascination.

  5. How absolutely wonderful and inspiring!

  6. Absolutely fantastic images. The first one I was thinking the Beverley sisters
    have found their way to India.


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