Orchids at RHS Wisley for Easter

If you're looking for a garden to visit over the Easter weekend, why not go to RHS Wisley? It's close to London and filled with spring flowers both outside and in. Enjoy all the spring bulbs and blossoms outside and enjoy the spectacular orchid displays in the glasshouses (see below). Open every day over the Easter weekend, and open at 10.00 on weekdays and 9.00 at weekends.


  1. Those daffs are amazing outside...that takes lots of patience and hard work...and those orchids...stunning.

  2. Hello! The orchids are beautiful! Love their striking colours. Wonderful photos as well. Thanks.

  3. Oh, now I wish I could visit! Those Orchids are incredible. Happy Easter!

  4. I just don't get bored with looking more of orchids.
    And especially cymbidium - they are totally something that I always marvel.

  5. Beautiful orchids, Charlotte. BTW, I was wondering if you have a search or tag function for reviews of gardens you've visited?

  6. If you're looking for reviews of gardens already visited, head to the side bar on the right and click on "Garden Visits" - UK and Europe or USA!


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