RHS Chelsea 2012 - Blooming Marvellous!

One of many eye-catching exhibits in the main marquee at Chelsea this year - enough to drive you crazy!
Clear blue skies and above average temperatures for May have left the punters panting at RHS Chelsea this year as the mercury edged up towards 30C today in London! There's already been a huge amount of coverage for all the Show Gardens in the press, but just as spectacular are the exhibits within the marquee at the centre of the show. So I'm featuring some of the displays that really caught my attention this year.
Glorious colours in the marquee at Chelsea
Fantastic plants on display at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden stand
An eye-catching display of tropical delights
You'll find plenty of clematis at Chelsea this year that you'll want for your garden
Two days to go and there's no sign of rain on the horizon, so more images from Chelsea tomorrow, when I'll be concentrating on the smaller show gardens. To see some of the medal winners, click here.


  1. Incredible! So glad to hear the weather is cooperating. Thanks so much for sharing your great photos so we can almost feel like we're there.

  2. I would love to visit the Chelsea Show, but your photo's make me feel like I just have! Looking forward to more.

  3. The displays in the Great Pavilion are gorgeous! I love your photography as it captures the colours and vibrancy really well!

  4. I felt the Chelsea Flower Show seemed to be predominantly found within the marquee and Not the Flower Show all the stuff outside. It was disappointing how the bulk of the 'designer' gardens included very little of the colourful exuberance we all enjoyed in the marquee.


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