Up and down Yorkshire dales .... gardens that made my heart leap!

York Gate, just outside Leeds - one of the greatest garden secrets in the Northern England
After four glorious days in Yorkshire, dodging the downpours, I'm going to bring you some real garden delights in the next few weeks. I've driven more than 1,000 miles looking at landscapes that made me realise how lucky I am to be alive. I've seen weather conditions that made me hold my breath, driven through floods, got stuck in mud and donned my wellington boots more times than I care to remember.
Parcevall Hall is a terraced garden overlooking a landscape that will make you glad you're alive
Yorkshire has some really magnificent gardens and part of their charm is the surrounding landscape. Parcevall Hall looks out onto the world beyond, as does Sleightholme Dale Lodge. York Gate, just outside Leeds, is one of the world's great garden secrets - home to Perennial, the garden charity that helps horticulturists in need.
Sleightholme Dale Lodge, North Yorkshire
Driving home today was something else. It took me nearly eight hours to drive 300 miles because the weather conditions were so appalling! The heavens opened on more than one occasion and I couldn't even see the car in front of me. But I clung to the memories of the gardens I'd seen this week and arrived home safely. As the rain continues to pour down, I hope to brighten your wet days with garden dreams.
Stillingfleet Lodge, just outside York - a  charming garden created from nothing over the last 38 years 
I ended my trip at Stillingfleet Lodge just outside York - a charming cottage garden created around Vanessa Cooke's family home. And her nursery is filled with plants that will make you understand the true meaning of envy! I wanted to buy them all and bring them home, but I restrained my urge and drove south with happy memories of the gardens I'd visited this week.
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  1. I love that pond-with-a-view :-)

  2. Exquisite as always! Larry

  3. We just returned from 3 weeks in the UK and this time we did get to Yorkshire. There are just so many gardens to visit in England and you have just added two more to the never ending list. Even with all the rain everywhere looked marvelous and even photographed well in all the rain. I have started adding my posts with the first one, a visit to Wollerton Old Hall. Wonder if you have been there?

  4. Didn't actually get to Wollerton Old Hall although it's been on my list for ages. Concentrated on the smaller gardens this time. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Will be following your garden visits.


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