On the road in Rajasthan II - turbans galore!

Wherever you travel in Rajasthan, you encounter the most wonderful turbans. The way they are tied and the colours denote the region, although at the moment I can't tell you more than that! I've just arrived in Ranthambore and am going out on safari later, so fingers crossed that we'll see a tiger! More later.


  1. Very elegant and such photogenic lot! :)

  2. Fascinating to learn that those glorious arrangements and colours denote regions. Fingers crossed that you see a tiger or two Charlotte :)

  3. Wonderful turbans!! If you find out how they are tied would you post a tutorial? Please!

    Enjoy the trip (how could you not) and hope you get to see a tiger. This part of the world fascinates me.

  4. Dear Charlotte, Those turbans are like flowers! Have a safe trip and a blessed Christmas! P.x

  5. What a coindidence - I just came home from Rajasthan and Ranthambore two days ago - think that I just might have met you after all these years of reading your blog :-). We weren't lucky enough to see tigers, but many other beautiful animals and sights. And Rajasthan was amazing. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Happy New Year, Liisa.


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