Catch Welford Park snowdrops and orchids at Kew this weekend if you can!

Snowdrops at Welford Park in Berkshire .... as far as the eye can see
It's your last chance to catch two spectacular garden sights at the weekend before they close - the snowdrops at Welford Park in Berkshire (above) - where the bobbing white heads spread as far as you can see, and the orchids at Kew Gardens (below), with thousands of orchids displayed in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Opening times at Welford Park are 11.00-16.00, while Kew opens its doors at 9.30 each day. Both are guaranteed to lift your spirits and shake off the winter blues.


  1. How dreamy to see all those soft clouds of snowdrops, and also the orchids.

  2. Since snowdrops aren't hardy for the most part here, I never fully understood the draw... now it's evidently clear... absolutely amazing! Larry

  3. This picture - the only time I've mistaken flowers for snow.

  4. Wow a carpet of Snowdrops. How beautiful!


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