Beside the seaside II - Sandgate Close, Seaford - open for NGS this weekend

If you're off in search of interesting gardens to visit this weekend, you simply cannot miss the two that are open for the NGS in Seaford, Sussex this Sunday - Driftwood  and Sandgate Close. The latter is a magical, mini-botanical garden, filled to capacity with interesting plants - a miniscule micro-climate where you'll find something to delight you at every turn and more than 500 different plant species in under an eighth of an acre.
The garden at Sandgate is the brainchild of Denis and Aideen Jones, who arrived here in 1982, when there was nothing more than a poor quality lawn and 12 Leylandii along the back fence. Times have certainly changed and when you enter the garden gate, you are transported into a magical world of plant wizardry. Every inch of garden is covered with  plants and this is also a fine example of how to live without a lawn!
Denis and Aideen open the garden for charity regularly throughout the summer season and also by appointment.  They are open this Sunday (21st July) for the NGS from 11.00-17.00 and are also part of the Sussex Macmillan Appeal on the weekend of 3rd and 4th August, when 22 gardens from Brighton to Eastbourne are open. Get there for an open day if you can - this is definitely a 5-star "Small is Beautiful" garden.


  1. Now that's one garden I would love to visit. It's simply packed with colour and texture.

  2. What a 'fantastical, magical' garden. I love it. Love that bird art in last photo also.


  3. Looks like a garden I would love! "Every inch of garden covered with plants" is exactly what I strive for.

  4. Great short tour today. Colors were certainly eye catching. Very nice place to visit. Thanks for the photos. Jack

  5. So lovely, so much color, looks like a creative person designed this garden

  6. I have to start making a list with gardens to visit, if we ever make it to England in the summertime! Sundgate Close is the first one on it! Thanks for showing them.


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