Home from California heatwave and hotfoot from RHS Hampton Court ...

Ecover garden - gold medal and Best in Show - designed by Michael Childs
Home from California at teatime yesterday and up there with the crowds at Hampton Court Flower Show today .... high temperatures, huge crowds and happy people looking at all the show gardens, so I had to hustle my way to the front to get these pictures. But with three days to go, readers may want to see what's in store for them.
Ashes to Ashes - won gold medal - designed by Bruce Waldock
Mid-Century - awarded gold medal and best low-cost, high-impact garden -
designed by Adele Ford and Susan Wilmott


  1. Wait, the garden with the round-holed orange wall, futuristic furniture, slate tiles and pristine pool is "low-cost"?! Let's see some invoices!

    No question it's "high-impact" though. Wow.

  2. Wow...love those colors in that first photo!

  3. Beautiful photographs (as usual). I am in love with the Lotus flower posted on your header right now. Wow!


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