One for the Christmas Wishlist - The New English Garden

In the run up to Christmas, we’re all on the lookout for books to give to family and garden-loving friends. Tim Richardson’s latest offering – The New English Garden – with lavish photography by Andrew Lawson, is certainly one to consider. It features 25 contemporary gardens that have “been made or remade over the last decade” and while it is perhaps a bold project because it will date quite quickly, it’s certainly a lavish coffee table offering and a source of new ideas for gardens to visit.

That said, most of us will be hard pressed to visit some of the properties within, since they rarely open to the public. Plaz Metaxu, Tilbury Hall and Mount St John do not open their doors for the NGS and unless you’re lucky enough to find them on a private garden tour, you're unlikely to get to see them. But the joy of this book is that you can enjoy a vicarious look through Andrew Lawson’s eyes. 

The New English Garden features some surprises, given Richardson's explanation for his choices. Both Great Dixter and Highgrove appear, although neither fit the bill of "made or remade" in the last 10 years, but they complement the other properties and certainly provide some previously unpublished images in a book that for the most part features gardens created on a scale that we expect to see at huge estates.
Bury Court in Hampshire, which showcases both Piet Oudolf and Christopher Bradley-Hole's work
Readers will have no problem visiting the one National Trust property featured - Packwood House - or indeed Scampston Hall, Trentham and Cottesbrooke Hall, which throw open their doors to the public throughout the summer season. Other gardens that were once totally inaccessible to the public are also included, notably The Laskett and Highgrove. And with a little determination, readers can also access Bury Court and Arabella Lennox Boyd's garden at Gresgarth Hall.
Mount St John, designed by Tom Stuart-Smith opens occasionally to the public
I've been lucky enough to visit at least 10 of the gardens in this book, including The LaskettGresgarth Hall, Bury Court, Mount St John and most recently, Keith Wiley's Wildside, but there are still several that remain on my Wishlist, notably Througham Court and Plaz Metaxu. But until I get there, I too will have to satisfy my curiosity with Tim Richardson's latest book.

RRP for this book is £40.00, but the publisher is offering a special price of £32.00 (including p&p in the UK) to Galloping Gardener readers. To order a copy telephone 01903 828503 or email:, quoting reader offer code APG19 and giving your name and address details. Add £2.50 for postage and packing for overseas orders.


  1. Thank you, Charlotte. This book is what I have waited for. I will order it now at Amazon Germany.


  2. It does look like a great coffee table book. I wish I'd been able to venture further afield from London while I was in the U.K., but we only had a week and part of the time was spent sightseeing in the city with the family. I do hope I get back because there's so much outside London that I want to see. The cover of this book is beautiful!

  3. This could be the perfect Christmas gift! (for myself :)
    The image from the Mount St. John is quite mesmerizing!

  4. Never seen anything so yellow and bright with the tropical look.
    Lovely shot (last picture)

  5. All the great photos of the glorious gardens that you have taken over the years should go into a book.


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