RHS Chelsea has long been considered the jewel in the crown of flower shows worldwide and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. Over the years I have enjoyed some sunny sojourns while photographing the gardens and more recently braved both wind and rain to cover the stars of the show and always told the story in pictures for my worldwide readership, before the medal winners are announced. But this year I have been turned down for press accreditation on the very day that enables me to give readers a sneak preview of what's on offer, so it is with regret that I inform readers that I shall now bow out of any further coverage of RHS Chelsea, any other RHS shows here in the UK, and reviews of their gardens.
But I will be covering other major garden events, both here in the UK and abroad and will be visiting some of the other venues that promote both interesting show gardens and novel ideas to the horticultural world - Chaumont, in France, is one of my favourites and I shall be seeing what's in store for readers there, as well as visiting the innovative Reford Gardens in Canada - a showcase for both established and up-and-coming garden talent.


  1. This sucks Charlotte. I've relied on your excellent coverage with both photos and opinion to tell me the Chelsea story when I can't fly across the world to be there. Do they think I read the UK Guardian?

  2. Sorry for you and us your readers. It's becoming a bad practice to act this irresponsive to professionals that help these organizations with their work. Thanks for your excellent work!

  3. How bonkers. What the hell they thinking? Have to admit we didn't apply this year - just couldn't face it again. So I may have done my last Chelsea too. It all seems so plastic and irrelevant. (and boring). Xxxxx

  4. I echo Catherine's comment. I look forward to your coverage of Chelsea and so many other gardens and am truly sorry that you won't be sharing your views in the future. I see with pleasure that you are planning a trip to the Reford Gardens. I hope you will find time to visit Glen Villa -- it isn't far from Montreal. Do get in touch if I can help with any other garden suggestions for Quebec and Ontario. pat@siteandinsight.com

  5. I was shocked to hear your news. What possible reason could they have? It is something we across the pond look forward to. Nothing ever stays the same and we just have to get used to it.

  6. ....and I applied to go on behalf of thingingardens as Anne was not going, had 4 other articles commissioned...no dice. Bah. Anyway I think Chelsea Fringe will be more refreshing


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