September Gardens III - As far as the eye can see in Sussex!

Autumn is definitely in the air at Nymans Garden and the leaves are beginning to turn
There's no doubt about it ... autumn's in the air and when I went briefly to Nymans this afternoon, the acers were already turning orange and yellow. Of course, the wind, rain and unusually low temperatures we've experienced in the last few weeks, haven't helped, but it was the light that made me realise that autumn has come early this year. When you see flame-coloured leaves against a watery blue sky, you know winter's is on the way!
The .... garden, with its striking topiary 
Nymans is an impressive garden to visit at any time of year because of its hilltop position, great open vistas and wonderful views over the surrounding countryside. Former home of the Messel family, who were great plant collectors, this is a National Trust garden undergoing a lot of change at the moment, and it's well on the way to becoming a flagship property along with Sissinghurst and Hidcote Manor
There are many new planting schemes at Nymans this autumn
The main house was largely destroyed by fire in 1947 but makes an impressive backdrop for the ever-changing gardens around it. This autumn sees a lot of new grasses in situ, and you can see there's much work in progress throughout the grounds, particularly in the rock garden. Gone is the former viewing platform, and there's a whole new garden and planting scheme planned here for next year.
You'll be amazed by the abundant and eye-catching planting at Sussex Prairies
Just as impressive, but totally different, is the Sussex Prairie Garden just down the road near Henfield - quite spectacular in September as every plant is in bloom and you can wander through the garden gazing at planting schemes that are not just eye catching, but unique. There is no other garden like this anywhere in the country! Owners Paul and Pauline McBride have been nurturing this plot for the last five years and their endeavours have certainly paid off.
Carefully planned colour schemes add to the opulence at Sussex Prairies
Sussex Prairies is open Wednesday - Friday (11.00-17.00) until the end of September and is well worth making a detour for if you're visiting Nymans. The views here are just as good, but the outlook is completely different. And if you fancy a Flower Arranging Masterclass, click the link to find out more!


  1. Thank you for a tour of this wonderful garden. The topiary is amazing and the perennial border is exquisite.

  2. Tantalizing and surrene lovely photos. Hope you enjoy it when experiencing these amazing places.

    Today I went to a fantastic place here en Denmark.
    I posted a story on it, and think you would enjoy this particular post.

    Have a great week

    Greetings from

  3. I went to Nymans for the first time a couple of months ago and was blown away by it - such an amazing garden (and their compost heaps!! wow!)

  4. This is so beautiful!! All those colours! the last picture is lovely.



  5. Both dramatic.

    The amount of work and imagination that must go into each of these gardens is startling. And imagine making a wrong snip when trimming those bushes!


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